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Five Quarters of the Orange: A Novel (P.S.)
by Joanne Harris
When Framboise Simon returns to a small village on the banks of the Loire, the locals do not recognize her as the daughter of the infamous woman they hold responsible for a tragedy during the German occupation years ago. But the past and present are inextricably entwined, particularly in a scrapbook of recipes and memories that...
Today's Price: $7.99
Categories: Contemporary Fiction
Peaches for Monsieur le Curé: A Novel (Chocolat)
by Joanne Harris
The tantalizing sequel to the blockbuster New York Times bestseller Chocolat Even before it was adapted into the Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, Joanne Harris’s Chocolat entranced readers with its mix of hedonism, whimsy, and, of course, chocolate. Now, at last, Chocolat ’s heroine returns to...
Today's Price: $5.99
Categories: All Romance; All Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction
by Joanne Harris
Even before it was adapted into the Oscar-nominated film starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, Joanne Harris'  New York Times bestselling novel  Chocolat  entranced readers with its mix of hedonism, whimsy, and, of course, chocolate. In tiny Lansquenet, where nothing much has changed in a hundred years, beautiful newcomer...
Today's Price: $11.99
Categories: All Romance; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Fiction
The Girl with No Shadow: A Novel (Chocolat Book 2)
by Joanne Harris
The wind has always dictated Vianne Rocher's every move, buffeting her from the French village of Lansquenet-sous-Tannes to the crowded streets of Paris. Cloaked in a new identity, that of widow Yanne Charbonneau, she opens a chocolaterie on a small Montmartre street, determined to still the wind at last and keep her daughters, Anouk...
Today's Price: $6.99
Categories: Contemporary Fiction
The Gospel of Loki
by Joanne M. Harris
“A surprise from the author of Chocolat ,” New York Times bestselling author Joanne M. Harris, “this pacy adult fantasy is narrated by Loki, the Norse god of fire and mischief” ( Vogue ). This novel is a brilliant first-person narrative of the rise and fall of the Norse gods—retold from the point of view of the world’s...
Today's Price: $7.99
Categories: All Fantasy; Bestsellers
by Joanne Harris
Seven o’clock on a Monday morning, five hundred years after the end of the world, and goblins had been at the cellar again. . . . Not that anyone would admit it was goblins. In Maddy Smith’s world, order rules. Chaos, old gods, fairies, goblins, magic, glamours–all of these were supposedly vanquished centuries ago. But Maddy knows...
Today's Price: $9.99
Categories: All Children's Lit; All Teen Lit
Gentlemen and Players: A Novel (P.S.)
by Joanne Harris
For generations, privileged young men have attended St. Oswald's Grammar School for Boys, groomed for success by the likes of Roy Straitley, the eccentric Classics teacher who has been a fixture there for more than thirty years. This year, however, the wind of unwelcome change is blowing, and Straitley is finally, reluctantly...
Today's Price: $7.49
Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
Jigs & Reels: Stories
by Joanne Harris
Each of the twenty-two tales in this enchanting collection is a surprise and a delight, melding the poignant and the possible with the outrageous, the magical, and, sometimes, the eerily haunting. Wolf men, dolphin women, defiant old ladies, and middle-aged manufacturers of erotic leatherwear -- in Jigs & Reels the miraculous goes...
Today's Price: $7.49
Categories: All Sex & Erotica; Contemporary Fiction
Coastliners: A Novel
by Joanne Harris
Mado has been adrift for too long. After ten years in Paris, she returns to the small island of Le Devin, the home that has haunted her since she left. Le Devin is shaped somewhat like a sleeping woman. At her head is the village of Les Salants, while its more prosperous rival, La Houssinière, lies at her feet. Yet even though you can...
Today's Price: $6.99
Categories: All Sex & Erotica; Contemporary Fiction
Holy Fools: A Novel
by Joanne Harris
Joanne Harris, bestselling author of Chocolat , presents her most accomplished novel yet -- an intoxicating concoction that blends theology and reason, deception and masquerade, with a dash of whimsical humor and a soupçon of sensuality. Britanny, 1610. Juliette, a one-time actress and rope dancer, is forced to seek refuge among the...
Today's Price: $6.99
Categories: All Historical Fiction; All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; Contemporary Fiction
Doctor Who: The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Time Traveller (Time Trips)
by Joanne Harris
Struggling to get back to UNIT HQ, his body being destroyed by radiation, the Third Doctor arrives in the most perfect English village, where everyone is happy. But is he really on Earth, or somewhere far more strange? As his body weakens, the Doctor and the Queen of the village begin to unravel the truth.
Today's Price: $3.22
Categories: All Science Fiction
Sleep, Pale Sister
by Joanne Harris
Before the sweet delight of Chocolat , before the heady concoction that is Blackberry Wine , and before the tart pleasures of Five Quarters of the Orange , bestselling author Joanne Harris wrote Sleep, Pale Sister -- a gothic tourde-force that recalls the powerfully dark sensibility of her novel Holy Fools. Originally published in...
Today's Price: $6.49
Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; All Sex & Erotica
The Little Book of Chocolat
by Joanne Harris
Try me . . . test me . . . taste me . . . Joanne Harris’s Chocolat trilogy has tantalized readers with its sensuous descriptions of chocolate since it was first published. Now, to celebrate the much-loved story of Vianne Rocher’s deliciously decadent chocolaterie , Joanne Harris and Fran Warde have created the ultimate book of...
Today's Price: $9.99
Categories: Baking
Journey To The Sea
by Sarah Brown, Gil McNeil, Hugo Tagholm
Whether it is memories of childhood holidays or exotic fantasies of faraway places, a sea and its coast forms the most evocative of landscapes. Combining elements of romance, danger and mystery, it provides the perfect inspiration for this unique collection. The finest writers from our water-bound nation, including Alexander McCall...
Today's Price: $9.02
Categories: All Nonfiction
Goodbye Jimmy
by Alasdair Gray
The earth has reached crisis point, and with his typical wit, Alasdair Gray gives us insight into our creator’s private meeting with his son. ‘Send me all the emails you like but don’t come here again for a millennium or two.’ This story is taken from the collection, Beacons: Stories For Our Not So Distant Future , which...
Today's Price: $0.92
Categories: Unknown
by A.L. Kennedy
Decadent luxury, shameful habit, darling of the black market: in Post World meat is the ultimate taboo. This story is taken from the collection, Beacons: Stories For Our Not So Distant Future , which challenges celebrated writers to consider the climate crisis. All author royalties will be donated to the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.
Today's Price: $0.93
Categories: Unknown
Different Class: A Novel
by Joanne Harris
“It’s Goodbye, Mr. Chips meets The Bad Seed . Joanne Harris’s latest novel, Different Class , has a killer elevator pitch and, what’s more, it delivers on its intriguing premise….[A] rich, dramatic tale that builds to a surprising conclusion.” — T he Washington Post “Harris delivers mischief and murder to an...
Today's Price: $13.99
Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; Literary Fiction
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