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David Maraniss is an associate editor at The Washington Post. He is the winner of the 1993 Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting and has been a Pulitzer finalist two other times for his journalism and again for They Marched Into Sunlight, a book about Vietnam and the sixties. The author also of bestselling works on Bill Clinton, Vince Lombardi, and Roberto Clemente, Maraniss is a fellow of the Society of American Historians. He and his wife, Linda, live in Washington, DC, and Madison, Wisconsin.

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They Marched Into Sunlight: War and Peace Vietnam and America October 1967
by David Maraniss
Here is the epic story of Vietnam and the sixties told through the events of a few gripping, passionate days of war and peace in October 1967. They Marched Into Sunlight brings that tumultuous time back to life while exploring questions about the meaning of dissent and the official manipulation of truth, issues as relevant today as...
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Categories: History
When Pride Still Mattered: A Life Of Vince Lombardi
by David Maraniss
In this groundbreaking biography, David Maraniss captures all of football great Vince Lombardi: the myth, the man, his game, and his God. More than any other sports figure, Vince Lombardi transformed football into a metaphor of the American experience. The son of an Italian immigrant butcher, Lombardi toiled for twenty frustrating years...
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Categories: All Sports & Outdoors; Arts & Literature Bios & Memoirs; Historical Bios & Memoirs
Clemente: The Passion and Grace of Baseball's Last Hero
by David Maraniss
Pulitzer Prize winner David Maraniss’s brilliant rendering of the life of one of baseball’s most iconic figures captures both myth and man in daunting sweep and meticulous detail. On New Year’s Eve 1972, beloved Pittsburgh Pirate Roberto Clemente died a hero’s death, killed in a plane crash while attempting to deliver food and...
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Categories: All Sports & Outdoors
Barack Obama: The Story
by David Maraniss
From one of our preeminent journalists and modern historians comes the epic story of Barack Obama and the world that created him. In Barack Obama: The Story, David Maraniss has written a deeply reported generational biography teeming with fresh insights and revealing information, a masterly narrative drawn from hundreds of...
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Categories: All Nonfiction; Bestsellers; Bios & Memoirs of Leaders & Notable People; History; Politics & Government
First In His Class: A Biography Of Bill Clinton
by David Maraniss
Who exactly is Bill Clinton, and why was he, of all the brilliant and ambitious men in his generation, the first in his class to reach the White House? Drawing on hundreds of letters, documents, and interviews, David Maraniss explores the evolution of the personality of our forty-second president from his youth in Arkansas to his 1991...
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Categories: All Nonfiction; Bios & Memoirs of Leaders & Notable People; Historical Bios & Memoirs
The Prince Of Tennessee: The Rise Of Al Gore
by David Maraniss
In The Prince of Tennessee, David Maraniss and Ellen Nakashima explore in rich detail the forces that have shaped Al Gore's life, and the ways that his past offers clues to what kind of president he would be. The Gore who comes to life in these pages is an intelligent and competent man, struggling with self-doubt and insecurity that...
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Categories: All Nonfiction; Bios & Memoirs of Leaders & Notable People; History; Politics & Government
Rome 1960: The Olympics That Changed the World
by David Maraniss
From the critically acclaimed and bestselling author David Maraniss, a groundbreaking book that weaves sports, politics, and history into a tour de force about the 1960 Rome Olympics, eighteen days of theater, suspense, victory, and defeat David Maraniss draws compelling portraits of the athletes competing in Rome, including...
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Categories: All Nonfiction; All Sports & Outdoors; History
Once in a Great City: A Detroit Story
by David Maraniss
“A fascinating political, racial, economic, and cultural tapestry” ( Detroit Free Press ), a tour de force from David Maraniss about the quintessential American city at the top of its game: Detroit in 1963. Detroit in 1963 is on top of the world. The city’s leaders are among the most visionary in America: Grandson of the first...
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Categories: Arts & Photography; History
Into the Story: A Writer's Journey through Life, Politics, Sports and Loss
by David Maraniss
INTO THE STORY is the first collection of the work of David Maraniss, one of the most honored and versatile writers of his generation. The thirty-two stories here cover a rich array of topics, ranging from seminal moments in modern history to intimate personal reflections, each piece illuminated by the author’s deep reporting and...
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Categories: All Nonfiction; All Sports & Outdoors; History; Politics & Government; Writing and Publishing
The Clinton Enigma: A Four and a Half Minute Speech Reveals This President's Entire Life
by David Maraniss
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist David Maraniss, regarded by his peers as the nation's leading expert on Bill Clinton, sat in a darkened television studio in New York on the night of August 17 and watched the president deliver his curious apologia confessing that he had misled the nation about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky. As...
Today's Price: $10.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; Bios & Memoirs of Leaders & Notable People; History; Politics & Government
Tell Newt to Shut Up: Prize-Winning Washington Post Journalists Reveal H
by David Maraniss
PRIZEWINNING WASHINGTON POST JOURNALISTS REVEAL HOW REALITY GAGGED THE GINGRICH REVOLUTION Speaker Newt Gingrich and his troops promised a revolution when they seized power in January 1995. The year that followed was one of the most fascinating and tumultuous in modern American history. After stunning early success with the Contract...
Today's Price: $6.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; History; Politics & Government
Looking for America: A journey into the country's divided heart (Kindle Single)
by David Maraniss
The 2016 election is unlike any that we've seen before. The campaign has seen the rise of Donald Trump, the New York provocateur who has seized the Republican Party from its bewildered establishment, who has seized an angry electorate. What's happening in America? What does it mean to be American? For nearly 35 days, Washington Post...
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Categories: Politics & Government
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