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Heroes & Villains: Inside the minds of the greatest warriors in history
by Frank McLynn
In the history of warfare, an elite group of men have attained almost legendary status through their courage, ambition and unrivalled military genius. But many of these same men possessed deep personal character flaws. In Heroes & Villains , acclaimed historian Frank McLynn focuses on six of the most powerful and magnetic leaders of all...
Today's Price: $14.46
Categories: All Nonfiction; History
Marcus Aurelius: A Life
by Frank McLynn
Marcus Aurelius (121–180 AD) is one of the great figures of antiquity whose life and words still speak to us today. His Meditations remains one of the most widely read books from the classical world, and his life represents the fulfillment of Plato’s famous dictum that mankind will prosper only when philosophers are rulers. Based...
Today's Price: $13.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; Historical Bios & Memoirs; History
by Frank McLynn
Sir Henry Morton Stanley, greatest of African explorers, was one of the most fascinating late Victorian adventurers. Born into poverty and illegitimacy, he survived a series of incredible adventures at sea and in the USA to emerge as a journalist of talent after the American Civil War. His coverage of the British Ethiopian expedition...
Today's Price: $24.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; Bios & Memoirs of Leaders & Notable People; Historical Bios & Memoirs; History
Villa and Zapata: A History of the Mexican Revolution
by Frank McLynn
Recounting the decade of bloody events that followed the eruption of the Mexican Revolution in 1910, Villa and Zapata explores the regional, international, cultural, racial, and economic strife that made the rebels Francisco (Pancho) Villa and Emiliano Zapata legends. Throughout this volume drama colludes with history, in a tale of two...
Today's Price: $13.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; History
The Burma Campaign: Disaster into Triumph, 1942-45 (The Yale Library of Military History)
by Frank McLynn
This book, in essence a quadruple biography, tells the story of the four larger-than-life Allied commanders whose lives collided in the Burma campaign, one of the most punishing and protracted military adventures of World War II. Ranging from 1942, when the British suffered the greatest defeat in the history of the Empire, through the...
Today's Price: $14.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; History
Wagons West: The Epic Story of America's Overland Trails
by Frank McLynn
In all the sagas of human migration, few can top the drama of the journey by midwestern farmers to Oregon and California in the years 1840-49. Seeking the promised land, these travelers trekked two thousand miles by covered wagon from Missouri to their destinations on the Pacific coast. Although they used mountain men as guides, they...
Today's Price: $10.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; History
Captain Cook: Master of the Seas
by Frank McLynn
The age of discovery was at its peak in the eighteenth century, with heroic adventurers charting the furthest reaches of the globe. Foremost among these explorers was navigator and cartographer Captain James Cook of the British Royal Navy.Recent writers have viewed Cook largely through the lens of colonial exploitation, regarding him as...
Today's Price: $19.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; All Sports & Outdoors; History; Travel Bios & Memoirs
1759: The Year Britain Became Master of the World
by Frank McLynn
If not for the events of 1759, the entire history of the world would have been different. Called the "Year of Victories," 1759 was the fourth year of the Seven Years, or the French-and-Indian War and defeat of the French paved the way for the global hegemony of the English language. Guiding us through England's conquests (and often...
Today's Price: $15.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; History
Bonnie Prince Charlie: Charles Edward Stuart (Pimlico)
by Frank McLynn
In this highly acclaimed study Frank McLynn brings vividly before us the man Charles Edward Stuart who became known to legend as Bonnie Prince Charlie and whose unsuccessful challenge to the Hanoverian throne was followed by the crushing defeat at Culloden in 1746. He argues powerfully that failure was far from inevitable and history in...
Today's Price: $15.22
Categories: All Nonfiction; Bios & Memoirs of Leaders & Notable People; Historical Bios & Memoirs; History; True Crime
Genghis Khan: His Conquests, His Empire, His Legacy
by Frank McLynn
Mongol leader Genghis Khan was by far the greatest conqueror the world has ever known. His empire stretched from the Pacific Ocean to central Europe, including all of China, the Middle East, and Russia. So how did an illiterate nomad rise to such colossal power and subdue most of the known world, eclipsing Alexander the Great, Julius...
Today's Price: $13.99
Categories: Historical Bios & Memoirs; History
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