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The Portable Kristeva (European Perspectives: A Series in Social Thought and Cultural Criticism)
by Kelly Oliver
As a linguist, Julia Kristeva has pioneered a revolutionary theory of the sign in its relation to social and political emancipation; as a practicing psychoanalyst, she has produced work on the nature of the human subject and sexuality, and on the "new maladies" of today's neurotic. The Portable Kristeva is the only fully...
Today's Price: $31.49
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; Philosophy
Women as Weapons of War: Iraq, Sex, and the Media
by Kelly Oliver
Ever since Eve tempted Adam with her apple, women have been regarded as a corrupting and destructive force. The very idea that women can be used as interrogation tools, as evidenced in the infamous Abu Ghraib torture photos, plays on age-old fears of women as sexually threatening weapons, and therefore the literal explosion of women...
Today's Price: $15.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; History; Philosophy; Politics & Government; Women's Studies
Technologies of Life and Death: From Cloning to Capital Punishment
by Kelly Oliver
The central aim of this book is to approach contemporary problems raised by technologies of life and death as ethical issues that call for a more nuanced approach than mainstream philosophy can provide. To do so, it draws on the recently published seminars of Jacques Derrida to analyze the extremes of birth and dying insofar as they are...
Today's Price: $23.99
Categories: All Nonfiction; Philosophy; Women's Studies
Knock Me Up, Knock Me Down: Images of Pregnancy in Hollywood Films
by Kelly Oliver
The image of a heavily pregnant woman, once considered ugly and indecent, is now common to Hollywood film. No longer is pregnancy a repulsive of shameful condition, but an attractive attribute, often enhancing the romantic or comedic storyline of a female protagonist. Kelly Oliver investigates this curious shift and its reflection of...
Today's Price: $29.99
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Humor; All Nonfiction; All Sex & Erotica; Philosophy; Women's Studies
Psychoanalysis, Aesthetics, and Politics in the Work of Julia Kristeva (SUNY series, Insinuations: Philosophy...
by Kelly Oliver
Considers the social and political significance of Kristeva’s oeuvre. The social and political relevance of Julia Kristeva’s work is perhaps the central question in Kristeva studies, and the essays in this collection provide a sustained interrogation of this complicated problematic from a variety of perspectives and across the...
Today's Price: $25.60
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; Philosophy
Noir Anxiety
by Kelly Oliver
Among the elements that define the classic film noir -- chiaroscuro lighting, voice-over narration, and such archetypal characters as the world-weary private eye and the femme fatale -- perhaps no element is more responsible for the genre's continued popularity among movie buffs, filmmakers, and critics than the palpable sense of anxiety...
Today's Price: $23.28
Categories: All Humor
Witnessing: Beyond Recognition
by Kelly Oliver
 Challenging the fundamental tenet of the multicultural movement-that social struggles turning upon race, gender, and sexuality are struggles for recognition-this work offers a powerful critique of current conceptions of identity and subjectivity based on Hegelian notions of recognition. The author’s critical engagement with major...
Today's Price: $17.99
Categories: Philosophy
WOLF: A Jessica James Mystery (Jessica James Series Book 1)
by Kelly Oliver
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
Hunting Girls: Sexual Violence from The Hunger Games to Campus Rape
by Kelly Oliver
2016  CHOICE   MAGAZINE  AWARD, OUTSTANDING TITLE     Katniss Everdeen ( The Hunger Games ), Bella Swan ( Twilight ), Tris Prior ( Divergent ), and other strong and resourceful characters have decimated the fairytale archetype of the helpless girl waiting to be rescued. Giving as good as they get, these young women access...
Today's Price: $16.99
Categories: All Humor; Philosophy; Social Sciences; Women's Studies
COYOTE: A Jessica James Mystery (Jessica James Series Book 2)
by Kelly Oliver
From Goodreads #1 Women's Mystery Author, and Choice Magazine Award Winning Author, Kelly Oliver.    CAN A 21-YEAR-OLD GRAD STUDENT CRUSH GOLIATH? ALL EYES ON JESSICA JAMES, RESIDENT BADASS...   Never a shrinking violet, in author Kelly Oliver's second action-packed mystery, Jessica James, scrappy cowgirl-turned-academic, returns...
Today's Price: $3.99
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
Earth and World: Philosophy After the Apollo Missions
by Kelly Oliver
Critically engaging the work of Immanuel Kant, Hannah Arendt, Martin Heidegger, and Jacques Derrida together with her own observations on contemporary politics, environmental degradation, and the pursuit of a just and sustainable world, Kelly Oliver lays the groundwork for a politics and ethics that embraces otherness without...
Today's Price: $23.04
Categories: Philosophy; Politics & Government; Science; Social Sciences
Animal Lessons: How They Teach Us to Be Human
by Kelly Oliver
Philosophy reads humanity against animality, arguing that "man" is man because he is separate from beast. Deftly challenging this position, Kelly Oliver proves that, in fact, it is the animal that teaches us to be human. Through their sex, their habits, and our perception of their purpose, animals show us how not to be them. This...
Today's Price: $28.22
Categories: Philosophy; Science
Living Attention: On Teresa Brennan (SUNY series in Gender Theory)
by Kelly Oliver
Interdisciplinary exploration of the scope and impact of Teresa Brennan’s lifework. As an internationally respected feminist philosopher, radical social and political theorist, and tireless activist, Teresa Brennan (1952–2003) was one of the most provocative thinkers of our time. Living Attention is a tribute to the significance...
Today's Price: $24.95
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; Philosophy; Politics & Government; Women's Studies
FOX: A Jessica James Mystery (Jessica James Series Book 3)
by Kelly Oliver
GENES TO DIE FOR—AND SOMEONE DOES…   When Jessica James wakes up half naked behind a dumpster in downtown Chicago , she thinks at first the hot intern feeding her Fiery Mule Slammers slipped her a Mickey. But after a pattern of similar incidents around Northwestern Research Hospital, Jessica realizes she wasn't raped, she was...
Today's Price: $3.99
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
Jessica James Mysteries : volumes 1-3
by Kelly Oliver
JESSICA JAMES RIDES AGAIN...AND AGAIN...  IN THIS BOX SET EDITION OF THREE "THRILLING AND SUSPENSEFUL" MYSTERIES FOR ONLY $8.99! "... a 'cowgirl philosopher' who's part V.I. Warshawski and part John Wayne." -- Kirkus Reviews " every page jam-packed with action... " - Forward Reviews  Kelly Oliver serves up...
Today's Price: $8.99
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
Jessica James Mysteries: Volumes 2-3
by Kelly Oliver
AN AWARD-WINNING-- AND HILARIOUS-- COWGIRL SLEUTH… IN BOOKS TWO AND THREE OF KELLY OLIVER’S ACTION-PACKED MYSTERY SERIES-- FOR ONLY $6.99! “… a ‘cowgirl philosopher’ who’s part V.I. Warshawski and part John Wayne.” -- Kirkus Reviews "every page jam-packed with action... " – Forward Reviews Following on the...
Today's Price: $6.99
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
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