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I write suspense novels either with a science fiction or mainstream flavor. Unlike many authors who hit the reader between the eyes on page one, I like to introduce the characters, get the reader to know who they are reading about, learn to like or hate them and then tell the reader what happens to them. For me, if you don't care about the characters why would you care what happens to them?
Currently I have three novels available through Amazon, B&N, Apple as e-books or as paperbacks.
Shepherds is a near-future science fiction story that involves murder and romance in the midst of the Pacific Ocean.
War Party tells the story of three characters, one a Paiute Indian boy who saw the attack in a vision, all chasing the sleeper cell bent on killing as many people as possible and getting away with it.
Foxworth Terminus is my latest novel and is another science fiction thriller about a scientist who discovers a way to unlock awesome psychic powers that put assassins after him.
I also have a collection of supernatural shorts titled Ten More and co-authored a children's book, Girls Gone Great.
A sequel to War Party is in the works. The first sample draft chapters is free to download at and to get future chapters when they are available subscribe at my personal website
Here's wishing you good things to read no matter what you like to read.

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Foxworth Terminus
by J Drew Brumbaugh
Reggie Foxworth, brilliant bio-chemist, has spent the last fifteen years working on a top secret project to enhance paranormal brain function. With success in sight, the project is being cancelled. Knowing his career and future are about to be terminated and with nothing to lose, Reggie takes the mind expanding drug himself before they...
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; All Science Fiction
Ten More
by J. Drew Brumbaugh
Ten More is a collection of three short stories of the supernatural. The first, Ten More, is a sailing story and reminds us to be careful what we wish for. Afternoon Sail is another sailing story. The age old sail versus power only with a supernatural twist. First Hunt tells the tale of hunter and hunted, only who is who?
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Categories: All Horror
Girls Gone Great
by J Drew Brumbaugh
Girls Gone Great is a collection of magical tales written for girls ages two to ten. These fable-like stories were inspired by real girls, girls taking a magical journey of self-discovery where doing the right thing turns into something great. When you believe in yourself and have confidence to face obstacles, then any girl has the...
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Categories: All Children's Lit
War Party
by J Drew Brumbaugh
In a world where dreams are belittled and apathy has become a staple, War Party proves that one unlikely hero can still make a difference. Tommy Galiwee, a native-American teen, wants desperately to be a warrior despite having been taught that Indian warriors no longer exist. Criticized and harassed by his father and tribal elders...
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
by J. Drew Brumbaugh
Olga is a genetically altered “shepherd” born to live at sea herding factory tuna. She lives with her two shipmates aboard a submersible raft in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Toivo is an independent fisherman who, along with two dolphins, struggles to make a living catching what few wild tuna are left. The two of them should...
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Categories: All Romance; All Science Fiction
Fall of the Western Kings (Tirumfall Trilogy Book 1)
by J Drew Brumbaugh
Gant is a commoner, forbidden from learning swordsmanship. He trains in spite of the law and ends up branded an outlaw. However fate intervenes while Gant is on the run and soon he is embroiled in an odyssey with forces of darkness that can only be vanquished with help from his friends, not all of whom are human. An epic that...
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Categories: All Fantasy
Child of Evil (Tirumfall Trilogy Book 2)
by J Drew Brumbaugh
Gant has a dilemma that even his magic sword can't help solve. The only thing that has kept the people in the east safe is the fact that the demons west of the Monolith Mountains continue to quarrel among themselves. A prophecy says a child will be born that will unite the evil forces in the west and bring ruin to Gant and all those...
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Categories: All Fantasy
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