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I am at heart a sci-fi geek, comic book fan, and occasional mystic. I started to write volumes about myself, most of which I immediately deleted (to protect the innocent.) In this current incarnation of myself, I am a short story writer turned novelist intent on writing (righting?) the wrongs done to women in literature starting with Ophelia and moving on to Kilgore Trout. Once a wife, now just a mother and a grandmother, I was born and raised in Montana, and if you know anything about Montana women, that should speak volumes. Went to the University of Montana and studied Forestry. I have been, on and off, a restaurant cook, a land surveyor, a civil engineering tech, a witch, a printer, and a forest fire fighter. I once had a short story published in a local paper, and wrote a monthly column for a spiritual newspaper under the nom-de-plum Maggie Lightbody. Of all of them, the tech job paid the best.

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Black Bead: Book One of the Black Bead Chronicles
by J.D. Lakey
Editorial Reviews: "Lakey's stories have magic, a complex mythology, and her dedication to avoiding milquetoast females." Kit-Bacon Gressitt, San Diego Uptown News"The premise of Black Bead is wonderful, and it was a fun, short read I happily breezed through. It was refreshing to read new sci-fi/fantasy with an original plot, on a new...
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Categories: All Children's Lit
Bhotta's Tears: Book Two of the Black Bead Chronicles
by J.D. Lakey
Life under the dome is simple. Work hard, follow the rules, be safe, do what is expected of you and you will be rewarded. Easy. But the Blackwind Pack has two problems: Tam - the alpha - aspires to greatness, and Cheobawn - his Black Bead Ear - is profoundly gifted, with a psi ability so advanced the elders of the village have yet to...
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Categories: All Science Fiction
Spider Wars: Book Three of the Black Bead Chronicles
by J.D. Lakey
Winter is a time of quiet industry under the domes. At least it should be. Calamity is stalking the tribes of the high forests. The storms have killed too many of them, man and animal alike and now the bennelk warn of a new threat coming at them from out of the Wastes. Follow Blackwind Pack on their third adventure as Cheobawn and Connor...
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Categories: All Children's Lit; All Science Fiction
Storm Child: Book Four of the Black Bead Chronicles
by J.D. Lakey
Something is hunting the citizens of Windfall Dome. Ten-year-old Cheobawn Blackwind, the most powerful psi adept ever made by the dome's genetic engineers, wants nothing more than to be an ordinary child, but she has an unerring propensity for finding trouble. Branded Bad Luck on her Choosingday, she wears a black bloodstone in her...
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Categories: All Children's Lit; All Science Fiction
Arrow's Flight: Book Five of the Black Bead Chronicles
by J.D. Lakey
Cheobawn, Black Bead Ear, warrior witch, and exile from the domes, now sails with Samwell Wheelwright down the great River Liff. Without her omeh, without Blackwind Pack, without the comforting presence of the land above the Escarpment, she must make her way to Dunauken, the Lowlander city on the edge of Orson's Sea. What she must do...
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Categories: All Children's Lit; All Science Fiction
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