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Elizabeth Beckett is an author and a mystic whose love of ancient spiritual wisdom and knowledge is brought alive in stories from humanity's antiquity. In journeys through a distant past and lost civilizations, Elizabeth reminds her readers about the timelessness of universal truth as well as their own internal truths.

Elizabeth has been writing and publishing since 2010, although she began scribbling and researching in 2006. She draws inspiration from her own spiritual quest as well as from an affinity to the human journey of soul consciousness and planetary evolution. She is often asked how much of her books are created from research and how much is imagination. All of Elizabeth's work is drawn from universal actuality and she conducts extensive and intensive research to verify as much as possible.

Elizabeth Beckett is a humanitarian and deep greenie and prioritizes environmental and animal rights issues above all others. She is not comfortable with having a public image and you will not find her on the social networks. The photo used in profiles is of a Hathor from an Egyptian temple.

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I Am Celtic: The Story of Abathscantia and the Dragon Isles
by Elizabeth Beckett
I Am Celtic is a story set in about 10,000 BCE and takes the reader from the destruction of Atlantis, to Egypt, across Northern Africa and the Mediterranean, and finally to the British Isles, specifically England. The story spans the lifetime of the beautiful but sensitive Solveigh, and follows her challenging journey of love, loss...
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Categories: All Fantasy; All Science Fiction
Lucifer: The Story of a Descended Angel
by Elizabeth Beckett
Back Cover: Lucifer is the angel with a bad rap. True, he wasn’t called the Dark Angel for nothing. He was born for the mission of bringing dark energies to the Earth. And he has done so with passion and persistence. No one is more responsible than Lucifer for hell on Earth—the loneliness, the sickness, and the unspeakable violence...
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Categories: All Nonfiction; All Religion & Spirituality
The Book of Life
by Elizabeth Beckett
The Book of Life is a book for enthusiasts of ancient Egyptian mysticism. Readers are taken on a journey through the archaic halls of the Mystery Schools that existed during the golden age of Egypt, more than three thousand years ago. The Book of Life is an objective and graphical account of the main teachings from the schools. The...
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Categories: All Religion & Spirituality; All Science Fiction
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