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Helping you protect yourself from a criminal economy. go to for more or to get my books (I get a better payout if you buy it from there - still fulfilled by Amazon).

Kelly writes fiction and non-fiction. The NF educates people about the economic realities of a system run by a criminal element. He helps people to protect themselves against )1 the slow attrition of savings through inflation and a variety of complex machinations difficult to detect. 2) A sudden catastrophic change in the investing landscape - 2008 gone nuclear. 3) The steady flow of power, real money, and resource wealth away from the West and towards the BRICS. 4) The corruption, deception and black politicizing of the most fundamental aspects of our lives - food, knowledge and spirituality.

If you are concerned about these situations, then scroll down and check out some of the non-fiction titles.

On a lighter note, he also writes fiction, usually sff or something with subtle paranormal elements.

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Scar Jones
by Kelly Mitchell
Scar Jones: Internet Lunatic You should instantly download this book because it makes hacker geeks poop their pants. If you're lucky, it won't be painful. 'Funniest book I've read in a long, long time.' 'Had me chuckling out loud - a lot.' 'Pretty weird, but helluva fun read.' 'SCAR! Holy shit. He is the MAN!' Winner of the...
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Categories: All Fantasy
Wildcard (Wildspace Book 1)
by Kelly Mitchell
100,000 years alone How can one 18 year old empath save a world secretly run by AI's? With Wildcard, Faulkner-Wisdom finalist Kelly Mitchell codes out a complex masterpiece in the vein of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque cycle with channels of Zelazny’s Amber series and brush strokes of Neuromancer. When young Karl and his mother Martha...
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Categories: All Fantasy; All Science Fiction
The Song of Solomon (Wildspace Book 2)
by Kelly Mitchell
The Song of Solomon (the quantumpunk sci-fi bestseller oddessy) Welcome to the New Age of Man Grab the epic continuation of the Wildspace series by master sci-fi stylist Kelly Mitchell right now. Reviews 'Mitchell breaks new ground... yet again. ' 'WOW! like a reinvention of sci-fi, cyberpunk, nanopunk - call it quantumpunk or...
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Categories: All Science Fiction
Gold Wars: The Battle for the Global Economy
by Kelly Mitchell
Gold Wars: Battle for the Global Economy addresses the grotesque, growing and unsustainable imbalances in the financial system. As gold is the barometer of systemic ills, a war on gold–to drive down its price—is taking place to hide the negative impacts of fiat currency, shadow banking and central banking on the global financial...
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Categories: All Nonfiction; Economics
Invested to be Molested: Why you should fire your Financial Advisor NOW
by Kelly Mitchell
Is your money set to 'vaporize'? Is your Adviser preparing for (even aware of) the next crisis? Or does he think everything is fixed? How prepared are you? Is the system ready to skin you? According to Mitchell, the answer is a clear yes. And what you don't know can and will hurt you. It may leave you broke. Financial...
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Categories: Investing
Buddha is an Atheist: A Spiritual Autopsy of Science and Religion
by Kelly Mitchell
Skepticism has failed. Science is now a mishmash of unjustifiable theories and the skeptical understanding of religion is hopelessly juvenile. Mitchell covers a lot of ground, showing that expert opinion in major fields - physics, biology, medicine, and climate science - disagree sharply with the mainstream. He backs the assertion up...
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Categories: All Religion & Spirituality
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