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Dylan Thrasher is an acclaimed Dating, Life, Love and Relationship coach/expert whose extensive work in human behavior has helped thousands of men and women better their lives, attract the right partners, repair and improve the relationships they keep and learn when it is time to walk away from the ones they should not be in.

Not a PhD hiding behind theories in out-of-touch books, nor a New-Age practitioner of useless voodoo such as magnets or energy crystals, Dylan focuses all his solutions on internal strength, willpower and actions to achieve the life you deserve in today's world. If you're ready to push out all the noise and nonsense, and aren't looking to pay to be coddled and confused, you're in the right place as he delivers hard-hitting brutal truth not intended to make you feel better in the short term, but rather to help you in the long term.

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The Masculine Way: What Your Dream Girl Really Wants - Dissecting Alpha Males, Pickup Artists and Nice Guys
by Dylan Thrasher
This book is not meant to teach you routines for picking up women, or to give you the secrets on how to get her into bed in three easy steps. You’re not meant to carry this book around as your go-to guide when you see a hot girl that you want to get to know. If you are looking for a quick fix, you should buy another book. What this...
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Categories: All Humor; Relationships
Secrets Of The Game: What Alpha Males, Pickup Artists and Beautiful Women Never Tell About Love vs. Lust, Marriage vs....
by Dylan Thrasher
Following up to his bestselling 2013 release The Masculine Way, Dylan Thrasher returns with a hard-hitting, honest and sure-to-be-controversial look at the biggest question every successful practitioner in the seduction community must ask at one point: choosing between Love and Marriage vs. Lust and the Bachelor Life. For any man...
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Categories: All Humor; Relationships
Dating in Los Angeles: Dissecting the Dysfunction
by Dylan Thrasher
Harsh. No-Holds-Barred. Brutally Honest Truth, which will Piss People Off. The above typically describes Dylan Thrasher’s coaching style, but in no other book of his to date does it so accurately describe the tone of his material as this one. Dating in Los Angeles. These four words alone are enough to make many grown men and...
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Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Humor; All Nonfiction
How to Find and Create Lasting Love
by Dylan Thrasher
ONE Book, covering all the bases to Finding and Creating Lasting Love: How to prepare your OWN foundation to be ready for love. If you're not ready to love or to be loved, no relationship will ever work for you! How to make sure you find the RIGHT Person to invest in. All the tools in the world won't help if you're picking the...
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Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction
7 Reasons Women Don't Have The Relationship They Want So Badly
by Dylan Thrasher
This is a book of brutal truth for women, by a man. The main purpose - to help you understand why you may not be in the dream relationship you really want, and instead find yourself stuck with the guys who aren't even close to what you feel you deserve. I'm Dylan Thrasher, the toughest yet most effective Dating, Love and...
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Categories: Relationships
The Masculine Mind: Alpha Male Life Lessons on Careers, Money, Relationships & Women
by Dylan Thrasher
Most men begin their lives unprepared for both women and personal finances alike, despite what they think they know. Dylan Thrasher follows up his 2013 best-selling release The Masculine Way: What Your Dream Girl Really Wants with a unique, highly anticipated book focusing on equal parts former (women, dating, love, relationships), equal...
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Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; Personal Finance
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