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J.M. Lominy’s historical fiction is steeped in the Haitian experience he recalls from his home country. He emigrated from Port-au-Prince to Brooklyn, New York to be with his mother. After a stint in the US Marine Corps, serving in the first Gulf War, he studied for his Bachelors of Nursing degree, married, and fathered five boys. His writing has been in high gear since 2000.

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The Deadly Rose, An Assassin's Tale (La Rose - An Assassin's Tale Book 1)
by J.M. Lominy
Pierre-André François has a well-kept secret; he is an assassin.He kills with style and finesse.Like a skilled painter he brings death in broad purposeful strokes and sweeps of red.Signing each piece of work with a fragrant red rose.Pierre-André is also the greatest soccer player in Haitian history. He is the face of many products...
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Categories: Action and Adventure; All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
The Dominican Fiasco
by J.M. Lominy
Haiti has been invaded The Dominican Republic has invaded Haiti. Today is February 26, 2018, one day before the Dominican Republic celebrates the 174th anniversary of their nation’s independence from Haitian occupiers. And today, the Dominican Republic has invaded Haiti. Haiti has been plagued by instability, dictatorship, an...
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Categories: Action and Adventure
Policeman Legros
by J.M. Lominy
Jean-Phillip Goutier was found murdered on the steps of the Cathedral in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The newspapers were calling it the Ghede murder. Goutier’s corpse had been left in the same sitting position favored by the Vodou deity known as Ghede. His legs were crossed, a cigar was dangling in his mouth, and dark sunglasses sat...
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Categories: Action and Adventure; All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; All Sex & Erotica
The Killer Rose: An Assassin's Tale (La Rose)
by J.M. Lominy
Revenge had always been sweet for Pierre-André François, the ruthless assassin known as The Little Rose. His sharp mind kept him steps ahead of his enemies, and his swift knife always met its target. But now, the Champion's enemies are serving that dish back to him—cold. They have kidnapped his beloved sister Danielle. Unless he can...
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Categories: All Historical Fiction; All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
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