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For fifty years I have kept my treasure trove of ideas locked in my mind and the time has come to open the chest. I've maintained my childish nature and those who know me best will agree thereto. Being very imaginative, I can offer different genres in my writing. I do so without using profanities or adult content.

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by Les Farley
Prepare to be transported seven hundred years into the future. The 'world' you knew as Earth has long been forgotten - a victim of its own overpopulation and moral decay.You, and your predecessors, have only known the confines of this ship - The Cicala. Generations have lived and died aboard this ship. It has served its purpose well. It...
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Categories: All Religion & Spirituality; All Religious Fiction
An Unlikely Source
by Les Farley
Something is terribly wrong in Gretchen Falls; and you are about to be drawn into the midst of these recent unfortunate events. A young woman is dead. No one knows who she is and, for some strange reason, local law enforcement is prohibited from investigating her death. Instead, men from the state have arrived to carry out the...
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; All Religion & Spirituality
VICTIM: A Short Story
by Les Farley
Man's inhumanity to man...Who can say what goes on in the mind of an individual that causes him to treat another with such thoughtless actions? Has he abandoned all morals? Has he become an animal? Can he so easily put aside his thoughts for others and subject them to his own selfish whims? How can society breed such disrespect in...
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Categories: All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers
The Lyncis Optima Concordat
by Les Farley
What possible right does a people as primitive as the Punia have to be aboard a space station such as the Lyncis Optima? Understandable is the presence of the Aaruna (the ghost people, as they are referred to as), or those of Galcor, Pledma, Dinaria or any of the others. But this tribal people - it's a paradox. Of course, the Solari must...
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Categories: Unknown
by Les Farley
Nelvin is a man, divided. He is either going insane ... or is the recipient of a most incredible opportunity. But he may go insane while he tries to figure out which one it is.Can it be that the Overseers have really chosen him as the newest incarnation of PHASE? If so, it is in complete contrast to the reality that he is familiar...
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Categories: Action and Adventure
Quest On Kamkor
by Les Farley
Some say that the Trail of Kamkor was formed long ago as a great beast moved along the earth. Some say that Kamkor never ends. One thing is certain. If one is to avoid the dense forests of the highlands Kamkor is the only means of travel; and if these two young men accept their challenge Kamkor, with all of its perils will take them...
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Categories: All Children's Lit; All Fantasy; All Historical Fiction
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