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Jonathan Brenneman grew up in a Christian family, but was severely depressed and struggled with tormenting thoughts. He wasn't sure if God existed until he was nine years old, when his mother prayed for his back. He felt something like a ball of energy rolling up and down his spine, and the pain melted away.

Jonathan eventually found peace, but he longed for his life to demonstrate God's power in the way he'd experienced when he was a child. After much prayer and fasting, he felt frustrated and wondered why it always seemed like God did miracles at other times and in other places, but not in and through his life.

At the age of 20, Jonathan attended a conference where he saw about 500 people healed within a few minutes. He became convinced that God had always wanted to do this miracles in his life, but the problem was that there were things he needed to understand. His wrong understanding was hindering him.

He decided to pray for everybody he could, and that was the beginning of a life of miracles! Jonathan is now a missionary, living with his wife and daughter in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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The Power-And-Love Sandwich: Why You Should Seek God's Face AND His Hand
by Jonathan Brenneman
The Power-And-Love Sandwich tells the story of Jonathan Brenneman’s journey into the miraculous. As part of the journey, Jonathan shares the ensuing victories and struggles, including disappointment, misunderstandings, and the fear of pride. While much has been written to debunk the unbiblical doctrines of cessationism, many people...
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Present Access To Heaven (Heaven Now Book 1)
by Jonathan Brenneman
“A person is vaccinated by receiving a dead or weakened version of a virus in order to make him resistant to it. Satan, the father of lies, works to undermine and weaken our understanding of the gospel, so that we become resistant to it.”“If you apply these simple gospel truths, they will bring you into a present experience and...
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Jesus Has Come In The Flesh (Heaven Now Book 3)
by Jonathan Brenneman
The Bible teaches that every spirit which isn't from God denies that Jesus has come in the flesh, and is an antichrist spirit. All orthodox Christians acknowledge that Jesus came as a man, with a human body. However, it's easy to mentally acknowledge a truth but deny its implications. We can say something is true, yet actually think...
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Categories: All Religion & Spirituality
Refuting Fallacious Criticisms Of Signs And Wonders: Escape The Deception Of Attributing God's Work To The Devil
by Jonathan Brenneman
This short book is partially adapted from a section of “The Power-And-Love Sandwich: Why You Should Seek God’s Face And His Hand.” Many Christians today are concerned about Satan appearing as an “angel of light.” Some teachers are promoting paranoia of deception in the body of Christ. Yet there are two sides of discernment...
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Categories: All Religion & Spirituality
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