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Jass Richards has an M.A. in Philosophy and used to be a stand-up comic (now she’s more of a sprawled-out-on-the-couch comic). Despite these attributes, she has received four Ontario Arts Council grants.

In addition to her many books, some of which have reputedly made people snort root beer out their nose, “The O & D” was published in The Cynic Online Magazine (Sep 2011), two excerpts from This Will Not Look Good on My Resume appeared in Contemporary Monologues for Young Women (vol.3), and Substitute Teacher from Hell was produced and performed by Ghost Monkey Productions in Winnipeg (2014).

Her worst-ever stand-up moment occurred in Atlanta (at a for-blacks-only club) (apparently). Her best-ever stand-up moment occurred in Toronto (when she made the black guy fall off his stool because he was laughing so hard at her Donovan Bailey joke).

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This Will Not Look Good on My Resume
by Jass Richards
"Ya made me snort root beer out my nose!" Moriah Jovan, The Proviso "Sharp and pointy." Peg Tittle, What If... Everyone gets fired at least once in their life. And if not, well, they’re just not trying very hard. And we all think of brilliant and immature 'shoulda saids' and 'shoulda dones' for weeks after. (Okay, years.)
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Categories: All Humor
The Road Trip Dialogues
by Jass Richards
Rev and Dylan are intelligent, sensitive, idealistic, enthusiastic, and – utter failures.
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Categories: All Humor
The Blasphemy Tour
by Jass Richards
. In The Road Trip Dialogues, the prequel, Rev and Dylan are charged with blasphemy for adding “‘Blessed are they that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stone.’ Psalms 137:9” to a Right-to-Life billboard just outside Algonquin Park. As a result of a well-publicized court trial, the American Atheist Consortium offers...
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Categories: All Contemporary Fiction & Literature
Dogs Just Wanna Have Fun
by Jass Richards
Picking up where THIS WILL NOT LOOK GOOD ON MY RESUME left off (sort of—is it a job if you really, really like what you’re doing?) (and don’t really get paid for it?), DOGS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN is a collection of feel-good, happy-ever-after dog stories told by the ever-quirky, ever-sarcastic Brett. Also featured are her own two...
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Categories: Unknown
License to Do That
by Jass Richards
Rev and Dylan (whom we meet in THE ROAD TRIP DIALOGUES) have returned from their BLASPHEMY TOUR to discover that Canada has adopted the Parent Licence Act: people who wish to become parents must apply for, and meet certain requirements before being granted, a licence. What if? After all, we require hairdressers and plumbers to be...
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Categories: All Teen Lit
TurboJetslams: Proof #29 of the Non-Existence of God
by Jass Richards
You ever have a neighbour whose behaviour is so mind-bogglingly inconsiderate and so suicide-inducingly annoying that you just want to ask him, in a polite Canadian way, to please stop? TurboJetslams isn't like that. Jass Richards' new novel, TurboJetslams: Proof #29 of the Non-Existence of God, tells the tale of one person's...
Today's Bargain Price: $4.99
Categories: All Humor
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