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Many years ago a young girl left the safety of Canada for adventure in Africa. This was in a generation when young girls didn’t go anywhere on their own and certainly not to the “the dark continent.” I was that girl and I had to adapt to the climate, the culture, the language, and above all time travel, for most Malians lived the way they always had. Modern conveniences consisted of basic items such as kerosene lanterns and little else. It was the plight of Malians that inspired my novel series. Since I couldn’t wave a magic wand to make life better in Mali, I chose to do it fictitiously. I wrote my books to entertain, but also to offer a different perspective of life and what it could be. The wide warm smiles of Malians stay with me always. I hope that warmth and positive outlook is conveyed in my stories.

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EMBATTLED (Em and Yves Book 1)
by Darlene Jones
Gifted with superpowers she can’t refuse, her life spirals out of control. Bounced from a jungle battle, to an Islamist stronghold, to a corrupt Columbian trial, Em Roberts, your average school principal, knows that something is dreadfully wrong. Now she must challenge “the voice” in her head— the voice that transports her...
Categories: All Fantasy; All Science Fiction
EMBRACED (Em and Yves Book 3)
by Darlene Jones
When school principal, Abby Davies, hears clickings in the fillings of her teeth she doesn’t understand why she believes they are messages from aliens. Now, letters she didn’t send, but bearing her signature, are showing up in the media. The things asked for in the letters are coming true. But there’s much more. The alien...
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Categories: All Fantasy; All Science Fiction
EMBROILED (Em and Yves Book 4)
by Darlene Jones
When school principal, Emily Roberts, is inexplicably drawn to the man stalking her, she knows she needs help. Real fear sets in when he claims to be an alien. Now, trapped in his perfect heavenly world, only she can see the danger threatening him. Does she love him enough to stay with him forever, if she can save him, that is? Heaven...
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Categories: All Romance; All Science Fiction
EMPOWERED (Em and Yves Book 2)
by Darlene Jones
Jasmine Wade, rich man’s eye-candy, trusts in visions she experienced as a child. They drive her to do what she can to make the world a better place and to find her promised soulmate. Now, kidnapped, not for ransom, but to be eliminated, Jasmine must depend on her connection to her soulmate or find a way save herself. And where, in...
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Categories: All Romance; All Science Fiction
Mali to Mexico and Points In Between
by Darlene Jones
It's amazing where the dreams of your childhood will take you. It's even more amazing the places you'll go and the experiences you'll have that you never could have dreamed of. From my childhood farm to Mali … from the Canadian prairies to Kenya for a safari … from the cold and snow of Edmonton to the sun and sand of Mexico ... from...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Categories: All Humor; All Nonfiction
When the Sun was Mine
by Darlene Jones
When high school graduate, Brittany Wright, gets a job cleaning at Happy Hearts nursing home, she is terrified of old lady Flo and desperately wishes she could be in college instead. As an unlikely friendship develops between the two, Brittany discovers that Flo is in grave danger. But, from whom and why? As Flo’s Alzheimer’s...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Mystery, Crime & Thrillers; All Nonfiction
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