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From a #1 NY Times Bestselling Author comes #6 in the Callaway family series ... featuring love, mystery, and adventure!

That Summer Night
by Barbara Freethy

BEST PRICE EVER, for the first time this year!
Once Reid Becker was the best of the best, an elite soldier whose career ended abruptly in a mission gone awry. Derailed after a decade of intense focus, Reid is spending far too much time in his best friend's bar. Then Shayla Callaway walks into his life with a desperate plea for help. How can he resist a beautiful blonde?
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $4.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Romance; Romantic Suspense
The second of G. K. Chesterton’s mystery anthologies featuring his eponymous Roman Catholic sleuth is FREE TODAY!

The Wisdom of Father Brown
by G. K. Chesterton

A 12-in-1 story bundle!
Chesterton’s priest-sleuth was loosely based on Father John O'Connor, a parish priest in Bradford, who was involved in Chesterton's conversion to Catholicism in 1922. By bringing murder and mayhem into the genteel setting of a village parish, Chesterton pioneered the ‘cozy’ mystery genre which Agatha Christie and others would...
Everyday Price: $0.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Mysteries
His higher ups want her eliminated. He simply wants her....

5-Star Paranormal Shifter Military Special Ops Romance!

Immortal Ops
by Mandy M. Roth

Over 120 rave reviews, with an 80% flash price cut!
Immortal Ops Team Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target, Peren Matthews. The alpha side of him demands he claim her--that is, if she'll have him. After all, he's what she fears most--a wolf shifter. But there is more to Peren than even she's aware of and the enemy is closer than anyone imagined....
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $3.99
Deal Ends: 4/29/2017
Categories: Bestsellers; Paranormal Romance; Romantic Suspense; Vampire Romance
Discover this Nora Roberts bestseller at its BEST PRICE EVER!

Hidden Star
(The Stars of Mithra Book 1)
by Nora Roberts

She couldn't remember a thing, not even who she was.
The moment the coolheaded private eye laid eyes on the fragile beauty, she almost had him forgetting who he was. If Bailey was a criminal, Cade would eat his P.I. license. But what was she doing with a satchel full of cash and a diamond as big as a baby's fist? And how could he unravel this mystery if he kept tripping over his heart?
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $5.99
Categories: All Romance; Bestsellers; Contemporary Fiction
A panoramic and epic novel of Poland in the late 1700s, with over 300 five-star reviews:

Push Not the River
(The Poland Trilogy Book 1)
by James Conroyd Martin

400 rave reviews, and absolutely FREE today!
With Empress Catherine's Russian armies streaming into Poland to take their spoils, 17-year-old Lady Anna Maria Berezowska is quickly thrust into a world of love and hate, loyalty and deceit, patriotism and treason, life and death. Even kind Aunt Stella, Anna's new guardian who soon comes to personify Poland's courage and spirit...
Everyday Price: $2.99
Categories: All Historical Fiction; All Politics, History and Current Events; Bestsellers; Drama
“The truth about Reacher gets better and better.” —The New York Times

Second Son: A Jack Reacher Story
by Lee Child

Listen today via!
In this riveting short story from #1 NY Times bestselling author Lee Child, a young Jack Reacher knows how to finish a fight so it stays finished. He knows how to get the job done so it stays done. And, in one of his earliest challenges, he knows that his analytical brain is just as important as his impressive brawn.
Today's Bargain Price: $2.79
Categories: Bestsellers; Mysteries; Thrillers
"An idiosyncratic, encyclopedic blitzkrieg of a book." —The Boston Globe

You Are Here: A Portable History of the Universe
by Christopher Potter

Save $11 today!
Christopher Potter’s You Are Here is a lively and accessible biography of the universe—how it fits together and how we fit into it—in the style of science writers like Richard Dawkins, Bill Bryson, and Richard Feynman, as seen through the lens of today’s most cutting-edge scientific thinking.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $12.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Science
Some secrets won’t stay buried…

Stillness (Descent Book 1)
by Eldon Farrell

Half price today!
When people start to succumb to a virulent strain of plague in the seemingly idyllic hamlet of Stillness, the CDC is called in to investigate. Pulled from her training with the Epidemic Intelligence Service, Dr. Lynne Bosworth is tapped to head the investigation...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
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Everyday Price: $1.99
Deal Ends: 5/6/2017
Categories: Thrillers
“The most interesting writer of science fiction writing in English today.” —The New York Times

by Samuel R. Delany

Winner of the Nebula Award!
At twenty-six, Rydra Wong is the most popular poet in the five settled galaxies. Almost telepathically perceptive, she has written poems that capture the mood of mankind after two decades of savage war. Since the invasion, Earth has endured famine, plague, and cannibalism—but its greatest catastrophe will be Babel-17.
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $7.99
Categories: All Science Fiction; Bestsellers
Answers for those seeking spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Enlighten Up!: Practical Wisdom & Spiritual Guidance for an Imperfect World
by Cathy Langlois

Unanimous 5-star reviews!
At some point in our lives each of us has experienced the pain of life’s challenges whether it’s from a broken relationship, unexpected loss, an emotional blow or the struggle to find meaning.

So, it’s very important to have the tools, resources, and expert guidance to help navigate those difficult times.
Everyday Price: $3.95
Deal Ends: 4/29/2017
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; All Religion & Spirituality
Indiana Jones meets The Da Vinci Code with a $6 price cut!

Seven Deadly Wonders: A Novel
(Jack West, Jr. Book 1)
by Matthew Reilly

An ancient secret... the adventure of a lifetime!
A legend of the ancient world decrees that every 4,500 years, a terrible solar event will wreak worldwide destruction... but whoever sets the Golden Capstone atop the Great Pyramid at Giza will avert disaster and gain the ultimate prize: a millennium of world dominance...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $7.99
Categories: Action and Adventure; Bestsellers; Thrillers
In this beloved novel, #1 NY Times bestselling author Sherryl Woods proves once again that sometimes family does know best....

Isn't It Rich?
by Sherryl Woods

Save $5 with this BEST PRICE EVER!
Straitlaced tycoon Richard Carlton suspects that his aunt is up to something when she insists he meet klutzy PR exec Melanie Hart. Melanie might be brilliant, but Richard won't open his wounded heart to any woman. Yet when the press mistakenly reports that they're a couple, Richard convinces Melanie to pretend they're engaged...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $6.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Fiction; Contemporary Romance
Can a military hero finally surrender his heart to the woman he loves?

Two Hearts Surrendered
(Two Hearts Wounded Warrior Romance Book 1)
by Tamara Ferguson

95% rave reviews!
Luke Bryant and Kelly Callahan met on the beach at Dragonfly Pointe when they were only kids. And ever since thirteen-year old Luke saved six-year old Kelly from drowning, they've felt an undeniable connection. But Luke has a tarnished past, and despite his attraction to Kelly when they're growing up...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; All Politics, History and Current Events
Don't miss this gripping, heart-stopping thriller!

Evil Games
(Detective Kim Stone Book 2)
by Angela Marsons

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
The greater the Evil, the more deadly the game… When a rapist is found mutilated in a brutal attack, Detective Kim Stone and her team are called in to bring a swift resolution. But, as more vengeful killings come to light, it soon becomes clear that there is someone far more sinister at work. With the investigation quickly...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $3.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Crime Fiction; Mysteries; Police Procedurals
Beneath its shell, this rollicking, episodic story is also a treatise about finding your purpose...

The Shell of a Person
by Lance Pototschnik

FREE for one day!
Lance Pototschnik and his friends must have booked their trip with that agency. Their incredibly affordable “vacation” was meant to be a relaxing time to meditate on the direction of their languid, aimless lives. Instead, they are introduced to hell and the insane diversity of its tortures.
Everyday Price: $6.99
Deal Ends: 04/30/2017
Categories: All Nonfiction; All Sports & Outdoors; Travel Bios & Memoirs
"Label me a big fan."
—Bestselling author Harlan Coben

What Remains of Me: A Novel
by Alison Gaylin

“A rich read.”—KIRKUS REVIEWS
On June 28, 1980, Kelly Michelle Lund shoots and kills Oscar-nominated director John McFadden at a party in his home. For years, speculation swirls over the enigmatic seventeen-year-old’s motives. Convicted of the murder, she loses her youth and her freedom—but keeps her secrets to herself. Thirty years later—and five years after...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $7.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Thrillers
How do you rebel in a family of vampires?

Award-winning fantasy!

Blood Dragons: Rebel Vampires Book 1
by Rosemary A Johns

"A character-driven, sizzling-hot saga" (MBR)
One day only price savings!

"In a precarious world where vampires are both predator and prey, Blood Dragons deftly blends elements of paranormal thriller and passionate romance... - Midwest Book Review

Escape into a supernatural suspense aflame with love, revenge and redemption.
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 04/29/2017
Categories: Dark Fantasy; Paranormal Romance; Vampire Romance
Save $13 on this influential guide today!

How to Make Your Brand Impossible to Resist
by Sally Hogshead

Revised and updated!
In an oversaturated culture defined by limited time and focus, how do we draw attention to our messages, our ideas, and our products when we only have seconds to compete? Award-winning consultant and speaker Sally Hogshead turned to a wide realm of disciplines, including neurobiology, psychology, and evolutionary anthropology...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $14.99
Categories: All Business, Investing and Leadership; All Nonfiction; Bestsellers
4.8 stars on 34 straight rave reviews for this standalone WWII historical fiction novel, and it's FREE!

Dancing with Air
by Uvi Poznansky, author of APART FROM LOVE and RISE TO POWER
Serving on the European front, Lenny longs for Natasha, the girl who captured his heart back home. He writes bogus reports, designed to fall into the hands of Nazi Intelligence. To fool the enemy, these reports are disguised as love letters to another woman. Will this confidential task risk that Natasha will become suspicious of him?
Everyday Price: $2.99
Categories: All Historical Fiction; Bestsellers; Historical Romance; Romantic Suspense
5 Stars for this historical bestseller about a dressmaker who spies for the rebel cause in Revolutionary-era Charleston

Celia Garth: A Novel
by Gwen Bristow

BEST PRICE EVER! Over 180 rave reviews!
From the author of Jubilee Trail...

Out of the ashes of Charleston and the Carolina countryside will rise a new nation—and a love that will change dressmaker Celia Garth forever in this historical romance hailed by the Chicago Tribune as “an exciting tale of love and war in the tradition of Gone with the Wind.”
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $9.99
Categories: All Historical Fiction; All Women's Fiction; Bestsellers; Historical Romance; Literary Fiction
Fantasist, push-over and all-round crap father: Jeremy Adler’s an inspiration. For scandal, treachery and blackmail.

It's Killing Jerry
by Sharn Hutton

67% price cut!
Fleeced by his ex-wife, oppressed by a narcissist boss and ridden over rough-shod by a two month old infant, Jerry might have thought he’d been keeping the peace but, the tide of resentment is turning against him. Fighting for his job, control of the bank statement and, ultimately, his life, Jerry’s got problems...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 4/30/2017
Categories: All Humor; World Literature
With a little luck and a beautiful summer, they may just rediscover the friendship of a lifetime...

Barefoot Season
by Susan Mallery

Bring Summer on with Blackberry Island Book 1!
Michelle Sanderson may appear to be a strong, independent woman, but on the inside, she's still the wounded girl who fled home years ago. A young army vet, Michelle returns to the quaint Blackberry Island Inn to claim her inheritance. Instead, she finds the owner's suite occupied by the last person she wants to see...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $7.99
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Bestsellers; Contemporary Fiction; Contemporary Romance
Discover the start of a smart, complex, and imaginative cyberpunk alternate history saga!

Broken Mirror: Resonant Earth Volume 1
by Cody Sisco

93% rave reviews!
Someone killed Grandfather Jefferson. Victor is sure of it. But he's the only one. Diagnosed with mirror resonance syndrome and shunned by Semiautonomous California society, Victor suffers from "blank outs," hallucinations, and vivid nightmares. He violently overreacts to even minor confrontations...
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Or FREE with
Categories: All Science Fiction
A chilling post-apocalyptic horror novel... Do you dare to read?

The Dust: Book One - Bloodlust
by David H Sharp

Absolutely FREE TODAY!
As the volcanic ash cloud spews into the atmosphere the dust claws its way across northern Europe grinding the air industry to a halt. As the particles clog the machinery the wind turbines stop turning and the haulage companies, fearing the worst, cease to use their trucks. Petrol stations run dry and shops become empty...
Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 4/30/2017
Categories: Bestsellers; Dark Fantasy; Dystopian Science Fiction
Twenty-seven stories of murder, mayhem, and madness...

On the Dark Side
by Michael Edwin Q.

Unanimous rave reviews!
1506: At a murder scene, Detective Alvarez looks for the usual clues. But does a murder leave behind something the eyes cannot see? (Based on a true story.)

A BOWL OF BILLY RED: It's a family recipe with a secret ingredient. They say, "You are what you eat." But sometimes it's, "You are what they eat."
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Or FREE with
Categories: Mysteries; Thrillers
Experience the steampunk revolution with BookGorilla's FREE App of the Day!

Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink
by Artifex Mundi
Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink is an adventure game in the steampunk genre. It is a detective drama featuring action elements such espionage, monster battles and even hang-gliding!
Categories: Bestsellers; Steampunk Science Fiction
A daring lady meets a dashing lord with the soul of a pirate in this classic Regency romance novel...

The Lion's Lady (Crown's Spies Book 1)
by Julie Garwood

75% off TODAY ONLY!
Christina Bennett had taken London society by storm. The ravishing beauty guarded the secret of her mysterious past until the night Lyon, Marquis of Lyonwood, stole a searching, sensuous kiss. An arrogant nobleman with a pirate’s passions, he tasted the wild fire smoldering beneath Christina’s cool charm and swore to possess her...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $7.99
Deal Ends: 4/29/2017
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Fiction; Historical Romance
Confronted by the unthinkable, how far will a man go to protect his family? Find out in this intense courtroom drama....

Over My Dead Body
by Bruce A. Borders
"This fast-moving thriller grabbed me from the start and kept me transfixed."

When the director of Child Protective Services exacts a personal vendetta against Jeff Blake by removing his three-year-old daughter from his home, Jeff finds his back against the wall and his entire world collapsing.
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 04/30/2017
Categories: Mysteries
An emotional and unforgettable journey that reminds us that you can go home again and again...

Home to Big Stone Gap: A Novel
by Adriana Trigiani

Nestled in the lush Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, the town of Big Stone Gap has been home for Ave Maria Mulligan Machesney and her family for generations. She’s been married to her beloved Jack for nearly twenty years, raised one child and buried another, and run a business that binds her community together...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $10.99
Deal Ends: 4/29/2017
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Bestsellers; Literary Fiction
A piece of her mother’s past will win her freedom and the life she desperately desires.

Blood Debt
by Nancy Straight

Discover the Touched Series while #1 is FREE!
Her whole life, it had just been the two of them. Before her mother’s last breath, she gave Camille the information she had craved her entire life: the identity of her father. Daring to contact him, Camille was welcomed by an entire family she never knew existed. But nothing comes without a price...
Everyday Price: $3.99
Deal Ends: 12/31/2016
Categories: Bestsellers; Paranormal Romance
Welcome back to Robyn Carr's Virgin River with the books that started it all…

Virgin River: Book 1 of Virgin River Series
by Robyn Carr

Don't miss this 67% price cut!
Wanted: Midwife/nurse practitioner in Virgin River, population six hundred. Make a difference against a backdrop of towering California redwoods and crystal-clear rivers. Rent-free cabin included.

When the recently widowed Melinda Monroe sees this ad, she quickly decides that the remote mountain town of Virgin River...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $5.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy
A beautifully rendered story that explores the fragile yet enduring bond between mothers and daughters:

The Beach House
by Mary Alice Monroe

481 five-star reviews!
Known for her moving characters and emotional honesty, Mary Alice Monroe brings readers a beautifully rendered story that explores the fragile yet enduring bond between mothers and daughters   Caretta Rutledge thought she'd left her Southern roots and troubled family far behind. But an unusual request from her mother—coming just...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $7.49
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction
The Throne of the High King stands empty... and so do the nurseries of the High Court Elves...

The Use (Changing Magic Book 1)
by D.L. Carter

Absolutely FREE TODAY!
Eioth, Lord of the North West, has found a very odd book sitting openly in a library. The Use and Complexity of Sex Magic is a scholarly study of that most obscure, frequently derided and almost unknown branch of magic. For an Elemental Scholar of Eioth's rank and ability the exploration of Sex Magic begins as...
Everyday Price: $2.99
Categories: Epic Fantasy; Historical Romance
Save $10 on this life-changing bestseller today!

The Wait: A Powerful Practice for Finding the Love of Your Life and the Life You Love
by DeVon Franklin

4.8 stars on 971 reviews!
In this New York Times bestseller, Hollywood power couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good candidly share their courtship and marriage, and the key to their success—waiting. President/CEO of Franklin Entertainment and former Sony Pictures executive DeVon Franklin and award-winning actress Meagan Good have learned firsthand that some...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $11.99
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; All Religion & Spirituality; Bestsellers
Starting over has never looked so good in this fan-favorite tale from Linda Lael Miller...

Arizona Wild (A Mojo Sheepshanks Novel)
by Linda Lael Miller

Save 60% today!
Mojo Sheepshanks knows a thing or two about new beginnings. After a long-ago tragedy she's never fully remembered and a childhood spent moving from place to place, she's making a home in the small town of Cave Creek, Arizona, and finally taking charge of her future. But Tucker Darroch, a sexy cop with baggage of his own...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $4.99
Categories: Contemporary Fiction; Contemporary Romance; Western Romance
As she watches him begin to pass from life to death, she extends her hand and cries, “Don’t die if you don’t know Jesus!”

The Warrior
by Joyce Swann

95% raves out of 533 reviews, and it's FREE today!
James is sitting at a Ft. Worth intersection waiting for the light to change when he hears the roar of a truck speeding toward him. Before he can react, his motorcycle is crushed, and he is thrown fifty feet onto the median. At that precise moment, Elizabeth’s sleep is interrupted by a vivid dream in which she witnesses James’ accident...
Everyday Price: $2.99
Categories: All Religion & Spirituality; All Religious Fiction; Bestsellers
New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer is back with a thrilling romance…

Wyoming Tough (Wyoming Men Book 1)
by Diana Palmer

67% price cut!
A cowboy through and through, ranch owner Mallory Kirk knows what it means to put in a full day's work. But does his new cowgirl? He has his doubts that Morie Brannt will be able to pull her own weight, even if the petite young woman does seem to have a lot of spirit...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $5.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Romance; Western Romance
Don't miss this bestselling edge-of-your-seat serial killer thriller with over 3,200 rave reviews!

Silent Scream
Detective Kim Stone #1
by Angela Marsons

Even the darkest secrets can’t stay buried forever…
Five figures gather round a shallow grave. They had all taken turns to dig. An adult sized hole would have taken longer. An innocent life had been taken but the pact had been made. Their secrets would be buried, bound in blood …
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Crime Fiction; Mysteries; Police Procedurals
17 out of 22 rave reviews for this sweet and sophisticated romance, and it's FREE!

Through the Riptide: Colin Preston Book 2
by Bert Murray and Phyllis Fahrie
A thirty year old woman escapes from New York City to a charming beach town on Eastern Long Island. Lindsey is hoping to find inner peace after a disturbing incident shattered her confidence. Still recovering, she is stuck between the old love of her ex-boyfriend and the allure of a stranger she encounters on the bus.
Everyday Price: $2.99
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Fiction; Romantic Suspense
After an eighty-three-year reign of grouchiness, Ferdinand may finally learn that it’s never too late to start living:

Out of Sorts
by Aurélie Valognes

67% overnight price cut!
Ferdinand Brun hasn’t always been a grumpy old man. Many years ago, he was a grumpy young man. Now he’d much rather spend time with his canine companion, Daisy, than any of his nosy neighbors. But as his behavior becomes increasingly peculiar, his daughter grows concerned and begins to consider moving him into a retirement home...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $5.99
Deal Ends: 4/29/2017
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Fiction; World Literature
For fans of the works of Jon Krakauer and David McCullough:

The Age of Daredevils
by Michael Clarkson

Special ONE DAY ONLY price!
By turns a family drama and an action-adventure story, The Age of Daredevils chronicles the lives of the men and women who devoted themselves to the extraordinary sport of jumping over Niagara Falls in a barrel—a death-defying gamble that proved a powerful temptation to a hardy few...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $4.99
Deal Ends: 4/29/2017
Categories: All Politics, History and Current Events
He's waited five hundred years and he has no intention of letting her go...

Ethan's Mate (Book One: The Vampire Coalition)
by J. S. Scott

Paranormal Vamp Romance with 563 rave reviews, FREE!
Ethan Hale is a vampire with a mission. Together with his three brothers and a few other unmated members, he fights with The Vampire Coalition to protect humans from fallen vampires. His life is fairly simple. But his uncomplicated life is about to end when his mate unexpectedly calls him to her...
Everyday Price: $0.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Romance; Fantasy & Futuristic Romance; Paranormal Fantasy; Paranormal Romance; Vampire Romance
What happens when your perfectly programmed cyborg bride starts craving more?

Mina More
by Morris Fenris
Mina begins a spiritual search that could reveal more about the nature of her being than she could ever imagine

Morris Fenris is today's sponsor of our Fire giveaway! Just subscribe FREE at and check daily newsletters for entry links!
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 05/01/2017
Categories: All Science Fiction; Paranormal Romance; Romantic Comedy; World Literature
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  • James A. Michener
  • Diane Mott Davidson
  • Robert Ludlum
  • Lisa Gardner