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From #1 NY Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes another compelling story in the fan-favorite Stanislaski series!

Falling for Rachel
by Nora Roberts

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
Public defender Rachel Stanislaski's work is her life. The last thing she needs is hot‐headed Zack Muldoon storming into her court room. Zack might not like it, but he needs Rachel. She's the only person standing between his delinquent kid brother and a prison sentence. Zack is used to getting his way—but now he might just lose his heart.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $7.99
Deal Ends: 4/24/2017
Categories: All Romance; All Women's Fiction; Bestsellers
Love struck me at the early age of five. The boy turned into a man, and I fell even deeper...

Royal Atlas
by HJ Bellus

5-star Western Romance with 150 out of 154 rave reviews!
Beartooth Ranch was our home. The rich ranch land raised us, fostered our laughs, losses, and even gained a new family member when Guy moved in when he was in high school.

I hid my love for years. But now he’s back. Guy Webb returned a broken soldier after serving his country. And now it’s my job to help him heal....
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
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Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 4/27/2017
Categories: All Romance; All Westerns; Bestsellers
E.L. Doctorow's stirring novel of a young man whose parents were executed for conspiring to steal atomic secrets for Russia:

The Book of Daniel
by E.L. Doctorow, author of Ragtime

BookGorilla Debut!
Save $10 with this BEST PRICE EVER!

“A nearly perfect work of art, and art on this level can only be a cause for rejoicing.” —Joyce Carol Oates

“This is an extraordinary contemporary novel, a stunning work.” —San Francisco Chronicle

“The political novel of our age . . . the best work of its kind.” —New Republic
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $11.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Fiction; Thrillers
Succeed and humanity has a chance of finding a new home before Earth’s ecosystem collapses. Fail—and you don’t wake up...

Beneath Burning Sands
by P R Adams

Post-Apocalyptic Sci Fi with 88% rave reviews!
Earth is dying and humanity's only hope of survival will be somewhere among the stars. Ambitious MBA graduate Reggie Lee thought defense contractor Frontierza was a perfect fit for his first job. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Frontierza’s work on advanced hibernation technology for sleeper colony ships isn’t sexy, but....
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 4/30/2017
Categories: Dystopian Science Fiction; High Tech Science Fiction; Space Opera; Teen Science Fiction & Fantasy
“Like a brush with mortality, One True Thing leaves the reader feeling grateful, wide awake, lucky to be alive.”—Michael Chabon

One True Thing
by Anna Quindlen

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
Ellen Gulden is enjoying her career as a New York magazine writer when she learns that her mother, Kate, is dying of cancer. Ellen’s father insists that she quit her job and return home to become a caregiver. Later, when Ellen is accused of the mercy killing of her mother, she must not only defend her own life but make a difficult choice.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $11.99
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Bestsellers; Contemporary Fiction
This dark fantasy horror is "a wonderfully compelling read" and it's yours FREE TODAY!

Dion: A Tale of the Highway
by Jonathan Maas, author of FLARE

90% rave reviews!
After a bizarre dream a man wakes up in the middle of a deserted highway, with no clothes, and no memory of who he is. In front of him is a vehicle with keys and a note inside: Drive this forward. Drive, or there will be consequences. The consequences will be immediate, and they will get worse with every transgression...
Everyday Price: $3.99
Deal Ends: 4/28/2017
Categories: Dark Fantasy; Dark Fantasy; Dystopian Science Fiction
Discover a cozy mystery series that combines the excitement of solving the crime and the charm of Southern hospitality:

Real Murders
by Charlaine Harris, bestselling author of the Sookie Stackhouse novels
Aurora Teagarden, small town librarian and true crime buff, is looking forward to the monthly meeting of the Real Murders Society, a group of fellow crime enthusiasts who share a unique interest in historical murders. The Society meetings are the highlight of Roe’s social life in sleepy Lawrenceville, Georgia...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $7.55
Categories: Bestsellers; Mysteries
From the author of Last Words and the Kingston Raine novels, here's Today's New Release in Epic Fantasy!

A God Among Thieves
by Jackson Lear

For the first time in history, an empire of muskets and cannons is gaining ground in the war against living, breathing gods. Entire armies have been massacred in a conflict which, at times, seems to be absurdly worth it. Thousands of miles away, the principality of Moqara lies on the verge of being crushed by every neighbor around them..
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $4.99
Deal Ends: 4/24/2017
Categories: Epic Fantasy; Paranormal Fantasy
A practical manifesto sharing the joys of introversion…

The Introvert's Way: Living a Quiet Life in a Noisy World
by Sophia Dembling

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
For anyone who loved Susan Cain’s Quiet...

By honoring what makes them unique, this astute and inspiring book challenges introverts to “own” their introversion, igniting a quiet revolution that will change how they see themselves and how they engage with the world.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $9.99
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Nonfiction; Bestsellers
92% rave reviews for this entertaining and poignant story of love, loss, family and unexpected possibilities:

The Year of Loving
by Traci L. Slatton

11 out of 12 rave reviews, and an 80% price cut!
Smart, attractive and wickedly funny, Sarah Paige has her hands full with a second divorce, two difficult daughters and a struggling business. Then two appealing men enter her life -- one considerably older, the other quite a bit younger.... resulting in "a heady year in which everything changes...."
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
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Everyday Price: $4.99
Deal Ends: 5/1/2017
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction
From the bestselling author of A Banquet of Consequences, save 75% with this flash price cut!

Believing the Lie: Inspector Lynley Novel
by Elizabeth George

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
Lynley is mystified when he's sent undercover to investigate the death of Ian Cresswell at the request of the man's wealthy uncle. The death has been ruled an accidental drowning, and nothing on the surface indicates otherwise. But when Lynley enlists the help of friends, their digging soon that a clan awash in secrets, lies, and motives.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $7.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Mysteries; Police Procedurals; Women Sleuths
How can you save the world when you don’t know it needs saving?

One is Come
(Five in Circle Book 1)
by C. H. MacLean

A treat for fans of Eragon & Harry Potter
20 out of 24 rave reviews!

The centuries-old prophesy of the One is being fulfilled, and the ancient dragon clans are coming out of hiding to remake the world. The king of the magic users will stop at nothing to be sure the prophecy is fulfilled the right way--with his oppressive government ruling.
Everyday Price: $3.99
Categories: Action and Adventure; All Fantasy; All Teen Lit; Bestsellers
"It's just to say that no-one has come to pick Nathan up from school, and we were wondering if there was a problem of some kind?"

Gone Again
by Doug Johnstone

Save over 95% off the original price!
As Mark Douglas photographs a pod of stranded whales off Edinburgh's Portobello Beach, he is called by his son's school: his wife, Lauren, hasn't turned up to collect their son. As Mark struggles to care for his son and shield him from the truth, the police seem dangerously short of leads. That is, until a shocking discovery...
Today's Bargain Price: $0.45
Everyday Price: $9.32
Categories: Bestsellers; Crime Fiction; Mysteries; Thrillers
Stock up and savor these Historical Romance favorites with a 4-in-1 BOXED SET ALERT!

Knights and Rogues
by Laurel O'Donnell, Catherine Kean, Anna Markland, and Ria Cantrell
Four bestselling and award-winning authors have come together to give you one amazing historical set! This set includes:

MY LADY’S TREASURE by Catherine Kean
HAUNTED KNIGHTS by Anna Markland
CELTIC SPIRIT by Ria Cantrell
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $7.99
Deal Ends: 4/30/2017
Categories: All Historical Fiction; Bestsellers; Historical Romance
Desperate to save her young nephew, Aubrey must choose between loyalty to her family and doing the right thing.

Someone Must Die
by Sharon Potts, bestselling author of South Beach Cinderella
When her six-year-old nephew vanishes from a neighborhood carnival, Aubrey Lynd’s safe, snow-globe world fractures; it shatters when the FBI’s investigation raises questions about her own family that Aubrey can’t answer. Aubrey picks apart the inconsistencies to expose the first of many lies: a ransom note—concealed from the FBI....
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Or FREE with
Everyday Price: $4.99
Deal Ends: 4/24/2017
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Crime Fiction; Mysteries; Thrillers; Women Sleuths
The Da Vinci Code unsettles....

Sealed Up shakes to the core!

Sealed Up
by Steve Dunn Hanson

Save 75% right now with a Kindle Countdown Deal!
UCLA anthropologist Nathan Hill, in a funk since his young wife’s death, learns of staggering millennia-old chronicles sealed up somewhere in a Mesoamerica cliff. This bombshell rocks him out of his gloom, and he leads a clandestine expedition to uncover them. What are they? Who put them there? No one knows.
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $3.95
Deal Ends: 4/27/2017
Categories: Action and Adventure; Mysteries; Thrillers
One man struggles to survive after the US infrastructure collapses and martial law engulfs the streets of America.

Tomorrow War
by J. L. Bourne

$12 flash price cut on this gripping dystopian novel!
In the midst of crisis, the population struggles to survive in a world short on vital resources. Inflation cripples the US economy and post-war armored military vehicles patrol the streets. One man stands up to push back the overwhelming wave of tyranny triggered by the onset of nationwide martial law.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $13.99
Deal Ends: 4/24/2017
Categories: Bestsellers; Dystopian Science Fiction; Thrillers
Career. Family. Romance.

It’s Complicated....

Trouble: It’s Complicated #1
by Ann Christopher

Discover the bestselling series while #1's FREE!
Brilliant criminal defense attorney Mike Baldwin follows the highest ethical standards. In his career and his personal life. Until a fascinating—and off-limits—woman named Dara Williams shows up and ignites a scorching passion that threatens Mike’s career and everything in its path....
Everyday Price: $2.99
Categories: African American Romance; Bestsellers; Contemporary Romance
BEST PRICE EVER on American History as the First Americans Experienced It Long After Columbus:

Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee
by Dee Brown

How the West Was Really Won
The fascinating #1 NY Times bestseller that awakened the world to the destruction of American Indians in the nineteenth-century West! Forcefully written and meticulously researched, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee inspired a generation to take a second look at how the West was won.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $7.58
Categories: All Biographies & Memoirs; All Nonfiction; All Politics, History and Current Events; Bestsellers
How can a mother abandon her children?

What happens as she reaches out to them could threaten their very lives.

Those Children Are Ours
by David Burnett

4.5 stars! Save 67% with this Kindle Countdown Deal!
Jennie Bateman screamed at her daughters, cursed her husband, turned her back on her family, and walked away. Twelve years later, she petitions the family court for visitation with her daughters, Alexis and Christa, and unless she can convince a judge to allow her to see them, she will not be able to find the peace she desperately wants.
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $2.99
Deal Ends: 4/24/2017
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction
Out to close the deal of a lifetime, Luke won't take no for an answer....

Last Resort
by Jill Sanders

Discover the Grayton Series while #1 is FREE!
From the NY Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Pride Series!

Cassey's life is crazy enough. The last thing she needs is some cocky rich boy trying to destroy her business. Normally immune to these vultures, she finds this brazen hottie tough to refuse. But he'll need more than business savvy to close this deal.
Everyday Price: $3.99
Categories: All Romance; Bestsellers
If she wants to get her friend back, she’s going to have to go in alone—but not unarmed.
161 rave reviews!

Darkness Haunts
by Susan Illene

Discover the Sensor Series while #1 is FREE!
Melena Sanders faced her fair share of danger with insurgents and terrorists when she served in the U.S. Army, but now she is about to go up against a new threat. Her best friend, Aniya, has disappeared while on a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska—a supernatural haven. Most humans have no idea darker races lurk amongst them. Mel knows better.
Everyday Price: $3.99
Deal Ends: 04/30/2017
Categories: Bestsellers; Dark Fantasy
100% overnight price cut!
Grab the New York Times bestseller today while it's FREE!

Not What She Seems
by Victorine E. Lieske

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
Steven Ashton, a billionaire from New York, and Emily Grant, on the run from the law...and when they meet he can’t help falling for her. What he doesn’t know is that interfering in her life will put his own life in danger.
Everyday Price: $3.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Mysteries; Romantic Suspense
If you’re a fan of Designated Survivor, you're in for a treat with this riveting, action-packed political thriller!

In Sheep's Clothing
by L.D. Beyer

Matthew Richter Thriller Series Book 1
Matthew Richter thinks his life can't get any worse. He soon realizes how wrong he is.

One man holds the reins of power. One man vows to protect him. One man vows to destroy him.

Caught in a game of chess he didn’t know he was playing, the President makes the only move he can, plunging Washington and the nation into chao
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: $4.99
Deal Ends: 4/28/2017
Categories: Bestsellers; Thrillers

One man’s quest for his destiny leads him to the New World and into the heart of the American Revolution

The Bastard
by John Jakes, author of NORTH & SOUTH

Kent Family Chronicles #1
The first volume of John Jakes’s wildly successful and highly addictive Kent Family Chronicles, The Bastard is a triumph of historical fiction.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $9.49
Categories: All Historical Fiction; Bestsellers
New Adult Paranormal Romance, absolutely FREE!

He's a broken alpha. She's his sexy intern....

True Alpha
(Shifters in Seattle 1)
by Alisa Woods

Wow! 93% raves out of 227 reviews!
Mia is just trying to dig out of poverty—being a shifter is something she hides, hoping her secret won’t sabotage her dreams. Shifters live in the shadows of Seattle, dangerous and criminal. That’s what she thinks—until a wolf saves her from an attack in an alleyway … and then turns up as the hot boss at her new dot-com internship.
Everyday Price: $3.99
Categories: Bestsellers; New Adult/College Romance; Paranormal Romance
From the author of The Dangerous Book for Boys, a novel that captures the essence of Caesar's land and legend

Emperor: The Gates of Rome
by Conn Iggulden

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
In a true masterpiece of historical fiction, Iggulden takes us on a breathtaking journey through ancient Rome, sweeping us into a realm of tyrants and slaves, of dark intrigues and seething passions. What emerges is both a grand romantic tale of coming-of-age in the Roman Empire and a vibrant portrait of the early years of Julius Caesar.
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $11.99
Categories: Action and Adventure; All Historical Fiction
Murder happens in Houston, but when the most recent murders take on disturbing similarities, law enforcement fears a serial killer...

by C.M. Sutter

Discover this Agent Jade Monroe FBI Thriller, FREE!
Former sheriff’s department sergeant Jade Monroe has just graduated from the FBI’s serial crimes unit in homicide and is called to Houston with her partner, J.T. Harper, to take on her first assignment. With victims piling up and no sign the killer is slowing down, Jade and J.T. need to intensify their search—the clock is ticking....
Everyday Price: $4.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Mysteries; Police Procedurals; Thrillers; Women Sleuths
For fans of Dave Eggers & Donna Tartt—the intricately woven novel by the author of The Imperfectionists

The Rise & Fall of Great Powers
by Tom Rachman

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
NAMED ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY NPR • The Seattle Times • Kirkus Reviews • Vancouver Sun

Following one of the most acclaimed fiction debuts in years, NY Times bestselling author Rachman returns with a brilliant, intricately woven novel about a young woman who travels the world to make sense of her puzzling past....
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $11.99
Categories: Bestsellers; Contemporary Fiction; Literary Fiction
Fly your own plane from airport to airport delivering cargo and passengers with BookGorilla's Free App o' the Day

by Quantum Design Group
Ding... the pilot has turned on the Fasten Seat Belt sign! Things are going to get dicey! Airplane lets you have all the fun the big boys have by flying your plane from airport to airport delivering cargo and passengers.

Could you get hired to deliver packages for Amazon?
Categories: Bestsellers
From bluestockings to scandalous heiresses, these strong-willed heroines don’t let anythIng stand in the way of love....

Historical Hellions
by Christina McKnight, Elizabeth Essex, Erica Monroe, Lila DiPasqua and more
This 7-in-1 BOXED SET ALERT Includes:

The Pursuit of Pleasure by Elizabeth Essex
The Thief Steals Her Earl by Christina McKnight
Secrets in Scarlet by Erica Monroe
Sleeping Beau by Lila DiPasqua
The Art of Seduction by Eileen Richards
The Madam’s Highlander by Madeline Martin
Reckless Wager by Christy Carlyle
Today's Bargain Price: $0.99
Everyday Price: Over $11 when purchased separately!
Categories: All Historical Fiction; Bestsellers; Historical Romance
The classic book on grief and loss—with a new preface and epilogue

A Grace Disguised: How the Soul Grows through Loss
by Jerry L. Sittser

BEST PRICE EVER and a BookGorilla Debut!
An expanded edition of this classic book on grief and loss—with a new preface and epilogue. Loss came suddenly for Jerry Sittser. In an instant, a tragic car accident claimed three generations of his family: his mother, his wife, and his young daughter. While most of us will not experience such a catastrophic loss in our lifetime, all...
Today's Bargain Price: $1.99
Everyday Price: $9.99
Categories: All Advice and How-To; All Religion & Spirituality; Bestsellers
A novel that exposes a new and unexplored world, based on a real life story:

A Pink Pearl
by Ann Jacobson

Over 20 rave reviews, and it's absolutely FREE!
Anne had a forbidden romantic encounter with a Hispanic teenager who worked in her parents’ garden. In the eyes of the religious Jewish Hasidic community in which she was raised, this kind of act was unpardonable. She was sent away to a boarding school for girls in Israel, where she continues to cross conventional boundaries....
Everyday Price: $3.99
Categories: All Women's Fiction; Contemporary Fiction; Contemporary Romance
We’re going to a place so remote that no one can find us. Not even my mother.

Shopping for a Billionaire's Honeymoon
by Julia Kent
He is addicted to his phone and his new role as CEO. I’m addicted to getting some on my own honeymoon.

Julia Kent is today's sponsor of our Kindle Fire giveaway! Just subscribe FREE at and check daily newsletters for entry links!
Today's Bargain Price: $2.99
Categories: Contemporary Romance; Romantic Comedy
The Preston Six were all born on the same day, but they'll soon find they have much more in common than a simple birthdate...

Rise Of The Six
by Matt Ryan

Over 310 rave reviews, and FREE!
Joey Foust has no idea he’s a wanted man and his parents aim to keep it that way. They raised him as a normal boy in a small American town, hoping he and his friends don’t discover what lies beyond. And for eighteen years, they succeed....

Begin this gripping series now while #1 is totally FREE!
Categories: Action and Adventure; All Science Fiction; Bestsellers
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